360 Analytics

360 Analytics Limited, FAARMER - 360-FAAR Management and Enterprise Reconnaissance

FAARMER is currently in development.

FAARMER is intended to be a web based firewall and network management and analysis solution. FAARMER will be capable of managing firewall and security infrastructure, over long periods of time, scheduling rulebase builds, managing many instances of 360-FAAR and intersecting their results. FAARMER will also be capable of flagging changes in a policy's usage profile and is designed to hold log and configuration information in a database back end. FAAMER will have the ability to compare all configurations to globally and locally set security policies and flag any rulebase policy entries that violate the security policy.

Enhanced Analysis Solutions and Visualisation

FAARMER will augment the analysis capabilities of 360-FAAR Enhanced and is being designed to produce easy to understand useful graphs and matrices to visualise network connectivity profiles and firewall security policies.